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Sustainable Sciences Institute (SSI) works with partners around the globe to help them better meet the public health care needs of their own communities. We are dedicated to developing scientific research and public health capacity in areas of the world with pressing health problems.

Our work is based on the understanding that solving global health relies on scientists and public health officials who are equipped with the proper knowledge and technology to identify and combat diseases at their local level.

At SSI, we don’t engage in ‘parachute science’: swooping in to resource-poor countries, hastily gathering our samples and fleeing before getting a mosquito bite. No. SSI establishes long term working relationships with partners on the ground and ultimately empowers them to fight their own battles.

We take scientific knowledge and technology developed in resource rich areas of the world and adapt it to locations where resources and money are scarce.


Learn how SSI adapted PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) technology to diagnose Leishmaniasis in Nicaragua at a fraction of the previous time and cost.


Since its foundation in 1998 Sustainable Sciences Institute has facilitated more than 100 comprehensive scientific workshops, trained nearly 2,000 public health professionals in 29 countries around the world. Over 100 publications in acclaimed scientific journals have directly resulted from SSI mentorships and programs.

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